Mandriva 64 Black Screen of Death

Early start, second attempt to look at CSS, but just though it would be worth checking the audio settings on the Athlon 64. After logging in to the PC the audio came out nice and clear on Mandriva start up so sound works great and zero configuration.

However, I now have a black screen with an I bar, no desktop. After some fiddling around found that Compiz was having problems with my open source ATI graphics card drivers. I could get all the Compiz effects (like cube) except that all the desktops were black!

Restarted in to Safe Mode, desktop okay. Removed Compiz and took of 3D effects, same problem edited xorg.conf, no difference.

By this time an hour had passed so decided to cut my losses and do a fresh install. I suspect that one of the many updates which ran last night after installation broke my configuration. This time I’m using the ATI proprietary drivers (which is the Mandriva default) rather than the open-source drivers. Clearly I was being too community spirited!

In the meantime I hope to get on with some work.

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