Griffith – How to get it working with the IMDB

I use Griffith as my movie database and just love it!

Apart from being Open Source, it is also cross platform and the database transfers seamlessly both ways between Linux and Windows XP.

There is one big BUT. The version which ships with Ubuntu 8.10 is quite old and due to a change in the way IMDB code their pages, stopped picking up move information correctly from the IMDB database.

The fix is to get the latest version0.9.9-1. So I uninstalled the Ubuntu version sudo apt-get remove griffith (this retained my database in my home folder) and went to Google to find an update.

After a bit of searching, I try to avoid compiling tar balls, I discovered that Debian have it on their website already compiled. I just clicked on the UK FTP site, Firefox asked me whether I wanted to open the file in my package manager?

I agreed and once downloaded Synaptic opened and warned me that I should really use the version distributed with Ubuntu. Having previously checked whether any bugs had been reported (there hadn’t) I knew it was safe to ignore and install.

Once installed, I just went to Applications > Sound & Video > Griffith and it just worked, picking up my existing database and allowing me to correctly update my movie information from the IMDB.

It’s at times like this when I just love Linux

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