Migrating Thunderbird from Windows to Linux

Thunderbird – Not yet migrated my e-mail from Windows. Not difficult, just need the time.

Thursday was Thunderbird migration evening and like Firefox, it could not have been any easier. What you have to do first of all if to configure Thunderbird in Linux for your e-mail service, this is very similar to Windows, but not exactly the same. I’m not totally sure why this is the case as in all other respects Thunderbird for Linux is identical to Thunderbird for Windows.

Once you have configured Thunderbird for your e-mail service provider, find the folder in the Windows partition where your account is stored. Thsi can be found under Account Settings “Message Store” and similar to Firefox (see earlier post) is stored in Documents and Settings\useraccount\Application Data\profilename/Mail. Copy this folder in to your home folder home/username/.mozilla-thunderbird/profilename.default/Mail folder.

When you open Thunderbird everything in your mailbox will be there but now under Linux. The only things which will not migrate across are your Add-ins, these you will need to re-install.

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