Kubuntu upgrade to 9.04

For some reason, I’ve been putting off upgrading my laptop from 8.10 to 9.04 of Kubuntu. Probably this is because I’ve not been able to successfully image up the drive with Clonezilla due to five damaged sectors on the hard disk.

As a fsck did not find any problems I decided that rather replace the hard disk I might as well backup my data and give the upgrade a go. If the upgrade was going to fail, my losses would be small.

So after backing up my data using rsync (see earlier post), I bit the bullet and did the upgrade.

Somewhat to my surprise, I guess I had geared myself up to it all breaking, the upgrade was successful and the only pain was discovering that KNetworkManager had dropped out of the system tray and could not automatically connect to my wireless network. To make matters worse it had also disappeared from my KDE4 menus!

Trying to remember the command from Konsole proved fruitless, so I decided to search in Adept and found that it is started by entering knetworkmanager from Konsole. Once entered, I was automatically connected to my wireless and I was back on-line!

The next thing I noticed was that some of my Favorites had stopped working, in particular OpenOffice and Amarok. I believe this is because OpenOffice is now version 3 and Amarok is version 2. Anyway no big deal, just right clicked on the application and selected add to Favorites.

In the case of Amarok, the interface has had a major rework and on running it for tghe first time after the upgrade it went through a reconfiguration, as if it was being run for the first time. Looks like this will need a bit of reconfiguring as it has lost my podcasts! Historically, I used Amarok to download podcasts although, I now use GPodder which is better than Amarok v1.x.

Well thanks to Dolphin I found my podcasts in my home directory under .kde/share/apps/amarok/podcasts, so nothing lost. The next step is to figure out how to navigate the new Amarok interface as the Help file is missing! Looks like a little Googling is required……….

5 minutes later!

I’ve now read the Amarok blog http://amarok.kde.org/blog/, it would appear that Kubuntu 9.04 is running Amorak 2.0.2, the podcasting features are currently being implemented in 2.1 which is in beta and was not available for the Kubuntu release. I think it’s time to consolidate my Linux podcasts to GPodder, which is what I should have done ages ago.

Anyway, overall I’m pretty pleased with Kubuntu 9.04, for me this has not been a major leap forward as I was already running KDE 4.2, but generally a nice upgrade without too much pain.

Well done to the Kubuntu development, Debian and the KDE teams!

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