Mini How To… Make an ISO from a CD/ DVD in Linux

Step 1: Find out your real CD/ DVD drive names!

From Terminal enter

dmesg |grep -i cd

You will get quite a lot of output from this command, look for the lines similar to the ones below

In the above example sr0 and sr1 are the associated CD/ DVD ROM drives. in this example we will use sr0

There are now two ways of creating an ISO, both are done from terminal and in this tutorial we will create them in your Home drive, so the first thing to enter in Terminal is


This will ensure you are in the root of your home drive.

Step 2: Copy the disk to an ISO file

Now use one off the following methods to copy the disk to a ISO file. Both methods produce the same result!

Method 1 – Using CAT

cat /dev/sr0 > isoimagename.iso

Method 2 – Using DD

dd if=/dev/sr0 of=isaimagename.iso

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