Mini How to… Manipulate Images from within Dolphin in KDE4 without using an external program!

A feature many of us would love to have as standard in Dolphin in KDE4 would be to right click on a file or files and be able to:

  • Compress and Resize
  • Convert and Rotate
  • Apply Image treatments

If you are a programmer, you can write scripts to do such wonderful things but for mere mortals, this is beyond most of us!

KIM (KDE Image Menu) is a a kde service menu which allows to resize, convert, rotate your images without to use a graphical application like Gimp.

The DEB package 0.9.5 by Sam Rog for Kubuntu 10.10 can be downloaded from LaunchPad or directly from here

 UPDATE: 13/12/13

The DEB package is no longer available.

However, you can download a TAR file and then run an install script from

1. Once downloaded, extract the TAR file and a directory called KIM4 will be created.

2. From Terminal, navigate to the KIM4 directory and run the install script as sudo as follows:

sudo ./

This will install KIM in Dolphin.

You may get the following error message:

mv: cannot stat ‘/usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/imageconverter.desktop’: No such file or directory

Kim has been installed. Good bye!

Whilst the error suggests that KIM has been installed, it’s not quite true!

To complete the installation you will need to create the missing imageconverter.desktop directory, by creating it in terminal using the following command:

sudo mkdir /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/imageconverter.desktop

Once this directory have been created, KIM should work.

I’m using it in Dolphin in Kubuntu 10.10  13.10 (64-bit and 32-bit editions) and it works really well!

In the following example we will resize an image file to 800×600:

  1. right click on the file (or files) you wish to work on
  2. From the menu select Actions > Compress and Resize > Resize (800 x 600) pixels
  3. You will be asked if you wish to replace existing file(s), if you reply no it will save the file prefixed with resized_. If you reply Yes it will overwrite the original.

This is a brilliant utility, so useful for anyone working with images. I can not recommend it more highly.

In fact I fail to understand why this is no shipped as standard with KDE4 in all distributions.

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2 thoughts on “Mini How to… Manipulate Images from within Dolphin in KDE4 without using an external program!

  1. Hy, please add this soft to kde look – to user can auto install it from dolphin menu – add service (browse services)
    thanks for good work !

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