Mini How To… Setting Up Samba (Windows) folder shares in Mythbuntu

In my blog post back in February I went through how to change the Storage Groups to a different drive/ directory.

What I didn’t explain was that by default the Storage Group directories are shared in Samba so that they can be accessed remotely over the network by other computers/ devices e.g. your network enabled TV!

The process is quite simple to do, and because Mythbuntu comes with Thunar as the default file manager, which is unfortunately totally useless as the Thunar Shares Plugin is broken from Ubuntu 10.10 onwards due to dependency issues, I’ll explain how to do this from Terminal.

From Terminal, go to the /etc/samba/ directory

cd /etc/samba/

Edit smb.cfg as sudo

sudo nano smb.conf

You will see something similar to the following:


workgroup = MSHOME

server string = %h server (Samba, Mythbuntu)

log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m

max log size = 1000

syslog = 0

panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d

dns proxy = no

security = share


comment = TV Recordings

path = /media/data/mythtv/recordings

public = yes

writable = no

create mask = 0777

directory mask = 0777

force user = nobody

force group = nogroup

Edit the path for the following shares:




For example for recordings we change the path from

path= /var/lib/mythtv/recordings


path = /media/data/mythtv/recordings

Save the file:

Press CTRL-o

To exit

Press CTRL-x

Restart Samba

Either reboot the PC

or from Terminal enter:

sudo restart smbd

You will now be able to browse and play your MythTV recording as you did prior to changing the Storage Groups.

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