Mini How To… Installing GNOME 3 Shell Extensions

Whilst I like GNOME 3, common with many other Linux users out there, the illogical Suspend option present in GNOME 3 is a real irritation, having to press down the ALT key to get shutdown to display on this menu. 
I assume the GNOME 3 developers/ designers thought this up as a good laugh after a heavy drinking session one Friday night. Well the joke is no longer funny!
Whilst Fedore 16 and Mint 12 have both seen the light and have changed this menu option to Shutdown, Ubuntu 11.10 who’s developers are clearly focused on pimping Unity have not. I really don’t know why Ubuntu doesn’t spin off Ubuntu as Gbuntu, as they did with the KDE version Kubuntu. Maybe GNOME3 would then get the love it deserves in Ubuntu and we can all see how many people are using Unity!
Anyway back on topic, the GNOME Shell Extensions website was launched at the end of 2011 by the GNOME project to make it really easy to install and manage installed extensions in GNOME3. The site is so easy to use a tutorial is unnecessary and although it is still in Alpha, it works really well.
The only noticable absence is the lack of a Search bar, but at present this is not too much of a problem as there are about 130 extensions available currently available, so browsing is feasible for now.
So having banished the Suspend menu option using the Alternative Status Menu (#3 in popularity), I also took the opportunity to add the following, after all Linux is all about freedom of choice!

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