Griffith and IMDB plug-ins

If you are using version 0.13 of the excellent Griffith Movie Database in Linux (also available for Windows and OSX) and you use IMDB as the source for movie info and posters, then you may have noticed that searching for a movie returns no results even though it is listed on the IMDB website!

The problem has been caused (once again) by IMDB and the way data on their their site is accessed. The latest python plug-ins for Griffith are located at

Right-click on the plug-in you require and save it to /usr/share/griffith/lib/plugins/movie/

Note: you will need to have SU permissions so I would suggest you first save the plug-ins to your Home directory and then as SU copy/ move them to the above directory.

Repeat for all IMDB plug-ins.

Then delete all IMDB plug-ins ending in .pyc, if you don’t your new plug-ins will not take effect.

Run Griffith and you will find the IMDB source now works.


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